Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wow! What a week

Hello Everyone

This has been a crazy and busy week. First, I dropped by Studio Fling last Wednesday to show them some of my pieces and sort out the details of the contract. it was a success, I was bring my art by to hang and sign the contract on May 21 or 22. I ended up stopping by on Thursday the 22 with a few pieces and will go by Tuesday the 27th to bring the rest and sign the contract.

The show last Thursday was good. It was a nice conclusion to the loft parties. My weekend trip to visit the family for my grandmother's 90th birthday went well. Upon my return, I had a meeting with Alex from Town Square Magazine on Tuesday at Club Dada with the other directors and some of the talent about the upcoming event this coming Saturday May 31. Gene, an artist that will be in the show, and I went over everything for the show and walked back home from Deep Ellum. It was a very informative meeting. We'll have one more this week before the show. The event is called Deep Culture and it looks to be a great start to a wonderful summer. Check out Galleria Lisa for a schedule of all the Deep Culture Events and my other upcoming shows. Until next time...have a fantastic day! ciao

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