Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ok Guys!!! I Picked a Steep Hill to Climb.

I started working on my "How to stretch a canvas" blog. I though it would be a quick series with a couple of blogs. Holy smokes!! Was I ever wrong. I've been working on it for over a week now and I am only up to the making your frame part. I guess I have taken for granted the difficulty and or ease in stretching my own canvases. It is coming along nicely, but slowly. So it will take a bit longer to complete the entire blog series. Be patient please because it will be worth the wait as I am starting it from the prospective of having no clue and I am including tips, tricks, and great places with fantastic bargains along the way! I am going out of town on business for the next couple of weeks, so it will take longer to get the entire step by step process of canvas stretching completed. I will continue to work and publish the blogs, but they will be somewhat sporadic until I return. Any questions along the way, please ask. I really love stretching my own canvases and am happy to share all my knowledge. I find that it gives me much more freedom to create, because I have no limits when I make the canvas myself. I now work quite large and don't think I would have taken the plunge had I just purchased the canvases. I hope you too will find it as rewarding as I do. Until next time...Enjoy the process
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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Drizzle Dwindled-The Evening Rocked!

Saturday's event turned out great! As most people know Dallas was battling Hurricane Ike. Everyone was a bit concerned about the Art Walk and After Party planned for Saturday night. It started at 6 and went till 10 pm. Ike passed right to the east of us with little problem and the weather turned out perfect for the Art Walk. All the galleries looked so good and the art was fantastic. As most of you know, I am showing at Studio Fling and do the art directing on the Town Square events. Studio Fling Gallery looked great and was very busy all night. Town Square Magazine was sponsoring the VIP After Party and it was in the Green Room and Club Dada. The entire space was filled with phenomenal art, a DJ, the bar was open and the event was catered.

I reconnected with some artist friends I haven't seen in a while and met some new ones as well. Will & Teresa were there and Will Snodgrass was showing at the After Party as well. He is a fantastic water colorist. I was fortunate to meet Jorge Dominguez who does great ink drawings and was displaying as well. Considering what started out to be a questionable evening, the Art Walk and VIP After Party was spectacular.

I am writing a series of blogs this week detailing the steps in stretching your own canvas. This will save you so much money and give you the freedom to paint any size you choose. Not having to be confined to the sizes you can purchase will allow your creativity to expand! Keep your eyes peeled because it starts within the next few days! ;-) Until next time...Happy creating your colorful life.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back In Action!

Well I've been in blog hiding for awhile. I'm back now, fueled with Problogger tips and a new found excitement for writing. I feel much better about the whole process and am ready to get moving. Instead of just talking about my art process and shows I'm doing (which I will still do), I've decided to add some skills and lessons on stretching canvas, talking with galleries, dressing for success, marketing, etc. Basically anything I deem worthy as helpful artist advice. So look out!!

I kind of got burnt out on what to blog about, how much to blog (you see I have 2 blogs and started out everyday on both, that quickly changed and then dropped off on both), and the overall idea of it. I have since gotten a new inspiration on the whole process and am very excited about it. Since I have 2 blogs, it was very overwhelming. I decided to put HardLeatherz News on hiatus until I have this one moving along at a good pace and have more content for HardLeatherz.

From now on there will be more value for all readers, as well as continuous tidbits on myself :-D Speaking of that...I have been very busy painting pieces for the Gallery in San Diego Ca, The Liffey Art House. I am giving them 5 pieces. 1 large 4' x 5' piece and 4 smaller ones. This gallery puts me 1 step closer to moving to back to CA. Also, this Saturday is the Deep Ellum Art Walk. Along with having my work in Studio Fling Art Gallery, I am working with Town Square Magazine on an After Party and VIP Room for the event. We are setting up a Green Room of high-end art (my stuff is there ;-) too!), a band, food, and drinks. It is for all the sponsors, gallery owners, local hotel and restaurant owners, and a few select individuals from each gallery participating in the Art Walk. It looks to be a pretty big event, as long as the weather stays good (Hurricane Ike seems to want to come and play, but I told him he's not invited!).

Starting next week, I am going to start a series of blogs on the process of stretching a canvas and all it entails. Stay tuned.....Because I'm back and better than ever!

Anyone have advice on canvas stretching or what your process is, please let me know. Thanks!