Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deep Culture Event Saturday June 28th!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I've been busy getting ready for Deep Culture. All Dallas people come by and enjoy a great art and fun filled evening!! I've been hard at work getting this ready. I've been crazy gathering a wonderful selection of fantastic unique artist and am very excited about the evening. I'll be posting a slide show of the event once I figure out how that works!!
On an even bigger note, I'm doing a show at Kettle Art. We are getting together tomorrow to schedule the time. My show will run for a month and will be a collection of many new pieces. As soon as I know the dates, I will be posting them here. I am working on 5 new pieces and finishing one for this weekends Deep Culture event. Check this one out... I received an email yesterday from a gentleman from Absolute Studios wanting to sponsor and art show for me. He said he saw one of the other shows I was doing and it looks exciting. I'm so stoked! I meet with him next week to go over everything. Many new things coming up. I'll keep ya posted!! Back to painting...ciao

Monday, June 9, 2008

And so the week begins!

The gallery opening Saturday went very well. It was consistently busy all evening. The eco- friendly vendors were great. I spoke with one of the other artists, he suggested I go speak with Frank at Kettle Art. It is another gallery in Deep Ellum. The owners also own a really high end gallery on Dragon Street. I'm going to speak with Frank this week. My friends, Jesse, Jeff, and Gene came by to check it out. They ended up staying till almost closing. They left and met the at the twisted root and we went out for drinks.

Great News! The exact spot at Studio Fling opened up and I will be moving my art this week. It is a more open space with more lighting. It's great for the big art! My eco-friendly piece turned out perfect. It looks great! I'll have pics on my website soon enough!!

This week is book week. I am working on my book idea for artists. It will be a wonderful addition to any artist's tools. I'll keep you posted! Have an inspiring week. ciao

Friday, June 6, 2008

Count Down....1 Day to go!

As I have mentioned, I recently put my art up in the Studio Fling Gallery . Rob (Gallery owner) helped put up the last piece and I labeled all of the pieces so everyone knows how much they will pay for my fantastic paintings! I'm aiming for a sell out show! Tomorrow is the day for the opening. It is an opening highlighting eco-friendly art. I gotta say, it's not easy figuring that one out. I used an old canvas, so that's recycled. Then, I guess acrylic is OK, as it is water base and dissolves easily. The problem came up with the mediums I use with the paint. Not so eco-friendly, I discovered. I had to find something that mother earth was ok with or recycled. I opted for the recycled plastic shavings I got at an old tradeshow I did years ago. I pulled it out of the trash, so I believe that constitutes recycled! Sheww, that was a close one! I finished it this evening at 6:45pm. It will dry over night and be hanging on the gallery wall tomorrow night! I love the last minute thing, keeps things hopping! Remember everyone! If you live in the Dallas area, stop by the show. It goes from 7-10 Studio Fling 2924 Main St. Suite 102 Dallas, Tx 75226 Deep Ellum

Monday, June 2, 2008

All Over...For a Day

I gotta say Saturday was a fantastically busy and exciting day. I got up early, worked out and went down to Club Dada to start setting up for the Art Show that night. I had 2 great photographers, sculpturs, and many awesome painters. The artists were helpful in setting up, and everyone was back on time except me. I ended up not leaving till 6:30 from setting up. I got back around 8 and it was already busy. The turn out was great. The event was a big success. There were poetry readings, a couple of bands performing, body painting, as well as, jewelry and all the amazing art. The artists were there till after midnight and the evening continued on after. It was a wonderful evening. Next month will be better! Last Sauturday of June, check it out!

I'm off to prepare for the Gallery Opening at Studio Fling Saturday night. It is called the Fling Goes Green. It is an eco friendly show with eco friendly art on display. There is going to be eco conscious vendors and half of all proceeds are donated to a local charity. Fantastic all the way! June 7, 2008 Location Studio Fling Gallery 2924 Main St.,Ste 102 Dallas, TX 75226-Deep Ellum.