Monday, June 2, 2008

All Over...For a Day

I gotta say Saturday was a fantastically busy and exciting day. I got up early, worked out and went down to Club Dada to start setting up for the Art Show that night. I had 2 great photographers, sculpturs, and many awesome painters. The artists were helpful in setting up, and everyone was back on time except me. I ended up not leaving till 6:30 from setting up. I got back around 8 and it was already busy. The turn out was great. The event was a big success. There were poetry readings, a couple of bands performing, body painting, as well as, jewelry and all the amazing art. The artists were there till after midnight and the evening continued on after. It was a wonderful evening. Next month will be better! Last Sauturday of June, check it out!

I'm off to prepare for the Gallery Opening at Studio Fling Saturday night. It is called the Fling Goes Green. It is an eco friendly show with eco friendly art on display. There is going to be eco conscious vendors and half of all proceeds are donated to a local charity. Fantastic all the way! June 7, 2008 Location Studio Fling Gallery 2924 Main St.,Ste 102 Dallas, TX 75226-Deep Ellum.

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