Friday, June 6, 2008

Count Down....1 Day to go!

As I have mentioned, I recently put my art up in the Studio Fling Gallery . Rob (Gallery owner) helped put up the last piece and I labeled all of the pieces so everyone knows how much they will pay for my fantastic paintings! I'm aiming for a sell out show! Tomorrow is the day for the opening. It is an opening highlighting eco-friendly art. I gotta say, it's not easy figuring that one out. I used an old canvas, so that's recycled. Then, I guess acrylic is OK, as it is water base and dissolves easily. The problem came up with the mediums I use with the paint. Not so eco-friendly, I discovered. I had to find something that mother earth was ok with or recycled. I opted for the recycled plastic shavings I got at an old tradeshow I did years ago. I pulled it out of the trash, so I believe that constitutes recycled! Sheww, that was a close one! I finished it this evening at 6:45pm. It will dry over night and be hanging on the gallery wall tomorrow night! I love the last minute thing, keeps things hopping! Remember everyone! If you live in the Dallas area, stop by the show. It goes from 7-10 Studio Fling 2924 Main St. Suite 102 Dallas, Tx 75226 Deep Ellum

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