Monday, June 9, 2008

And so the week begins!

The gallery opening Saturday went very well. It was consistently busy all evening. The eco- friendly vendors were great. I spoke with one of the other artists, he suggested I go speak with Frank at Kettle Art. It is another gallery in Deep Ellum. The owners also own a really high end gallery on Dragon Street. I'm going to speak with Frank this week. My friends, Jesse, Jeff, and Gene came by to check it out. They ended up staying till almost closing. They left and met the at the twisted root and we went out for drinks.

Great News! The exact spot at Studio Fling opened up and I will be moving my art this week. It is a more open space with more lighting. It's great for the big art! My eco-friendly piece turned out perfect. It looks great! I'll have pics on my website soon enough!!

This week is book week. I am working on my book idea for artists. It will be a wonderful addition to any artist's tools. I'll keep you posted! Have an inspiring week. ciao

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