Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deep Culture Event Saturday June 28th!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I've been busy getting ready for Deep Culture. All Dallas people come by and enjoy a great art and fun filled evening!! I've been hard at work getting this ready. I've been crazy gathering a wonderful selection of fantastic unique artist and am very excited about the evening. I'll be posting a slide show of the event once I figure out how that works!!
On an even bigger note, I'm doing a show at Kettle Art. We are getting together tomorrow to schedule the time. My show will run for a month and will be a collection of many new pieces. As soon as I know the dates, I will be posting them here. I am working on 5 new pieces and finishing one for this weekends Deep Culture event. Check this one out... I received an email yesterday from a gentleman from Absolute Studios wanting to sponsor and art show for me. He said he saw one of the other shows I was doing and it looks exciting. I'm so stoked! I meet with him next week to go over everything. Many new things coming up. I'll keep ya posted!! Back to painting...ciao

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