Monday, July 7, 2008

Mad at Work, I tell you!

OK, I'm going to really work at this blog. With everything going on lately this has been suffering. I'm sorry! I have some great things happening... Here goes! Firstly, I was contacted by a local recording studio that wants to sponsor an art event and then wants to regularly have art related evening at his business. I am also filling a large part of the public area with art from many local arts. It is great publicity, as they are going to be having frequent interviews on TV. The art will be there as well. Next, I had a couple of meetings with Alex from Town Square Magazine and we are planning 2 more Deep Culture events, 1 art event in Expo Park, and 1 big High End Art Expo at Thanksgiving Square downtown. That is 4 art events, not counting the art show that Absolute Studios want me to do. There will be a lot of great opportunities with these shows.

I have been checking out some locals in LA for art contacts and places to live. I'm heading out there next month to look some more. I want to find similar galleries, art events, and people in LA that I have been so blessed to have found here. Anyone know any art people in LA, let me know. I would be grateful.

I almost forgot, I have mostly finished my book. Just a few more small details and I will be printing the first 2 copies of it to get a publisher. It will be so helpful to working artists. I need it now ;-) I'm going into the studio this week. I have 5 pieces I am starting and 2 more not too far behind. Busy, busy...the way I like it. As for the blog consistency, my goal is to at least blog 2-3 times a week.

I can't believe I forgot, Studio Fling is having a gallery party this Saturday July 12. It is called Planet Fling. There will be art, poetry, music, and short films. It poses to be a fantastic evening. If you are local, stop on by! CIAO

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