Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back In Action!

Well I've been in blog hiding for awhile. I'm back now, fueled with Problogger tips and a new found excitement for writing. I feel much better about the whole process and am ready to get moving. Instead of just talking about my art process and shows I'm doing (which I will still do), I've decided to add some skills and lessons on stretching canvas, talking with galleries, dressing for success, marketing, etc. Basically anything I deem worthy as helpful artist advice. So look out!!

I kind of got burnt out on what to blog about, how much to blog (you see I have 2 blogs and started out everyday on both, that quickly changed and then dropped off on both), and the overall idea of it. I have since gotten a new inspiration on the whole process and am very excited about it. Since I have 2 blogs, it was very overwhelming. I decided to put HardLeatherz News on hiatus until I have this one moving along at a good pace and have more content for HardLeatherz.

From now on there will be more value for all readers, as well as continuous tidbits on myself :-D Speaking of that...I have been very busy painting pieces for the Gallery in San Diego Ca, The Liffey Art House. I am giving them 5 pieces. 1 large 4' x 5' piece and 4 smaller ones. This gallery puts me 1 step closer to moving to back to CA. Also, this Saturday is the Deep Ellum Art Walk. Along with having my work in Studio Fling Art Gallery, I am working with Town Square Magazine on an After Party and VIP Room for the event. We are setting up a Green Room of high-end art (my stuff is there ;-) too!), a band, food, and drinks. It is for all the sponsors, gallery owners, local hotel and restaurant owners, and a few select individuals from each gallery participating in the Art Walk. It looks to be a pretty big event, as long as the weather stays good (Hurricane Ike seems to want to come and play, but I told him he's not invited!).

Starting next week, I am going to start a series of blogs on the process of stretching a canvas and all it entails. Stay tuned.....Because I'm back and better than ever!

Anyone have advice on canvas stretching or what your process is, please let me know. Thanks!

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