Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Preparing for My Next Event!


Today has been a pretty laid back day. I have just been preparing for my next event. It is next Thursday night and the Mosaic in downtown Dallas. It is their big spring final floor party. The turn out is expected to be fantastic. I am meeting with Donna tomorrow to go over my space. I am very excited about it. It is including many more floors, vendors and guests than any other floor party they have put on. I am also meeting with Alex from Town Square Magazine tomorrow night at Club Dada to do a walk through for a area wide Art Show and event that the magazine is doing and I am participating it as well as doing some art direction for the entire event. I am thrilled to be apart of it. This event and many others throughout the summer is why I postponed my LA move. I am working on the website and MySpace, as well as, starting a Facebook page. Check back and I'll let you know when it's finished. Everyone, have a spectacular day! CIAO

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