Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What will your frame look like finished?

Ok, the pictures are in. I hope this will help you picture what I am explaining! Here we go!

Phase 2: Building the Frame
Tools Needed: Wood, wood glue, hammer, nails, sand paper, tape measure, red marker

Positioning the wood

What will it look like finished?
Ok, the first step in the phase is placing the wood pieces in the way you want the frame to look.

1. The best way to do this is to find a large area up against a very solid wall and lay the wood pieces in the dimensions and shape of the end product. Place the pieces with the best sides of the wood all facing the same direction. That will be the side that faces the canvas. Tip* Remember to always measure the frame prior to nailing it together. That way you will be sure to nail it together in the dimensions you were making.

2. Put a small amount of wood glue on the piece of wood that is being nailed into the other piece of wood.

3. Take 2 nails and hammer them into the pieces of wood with the glue on it. It is best to nail in a slight diagonal manner. Tip* Make sure the wood stays in a square position and is level & flat throughout the process. I will usually put 1 foot on each piece of wood to help keep it from moving while I hammer. Hammer both sides together, then move it to the back and do the other 2 sides.

4. Once the 4 pieces are nailed together, put in the brace. Measure the side and place the brace or braces (depending on size of canvas) in the middle. EXAMPLE: For a 24inch frame, brace would be at 12inches. For a 60inch canvas, the 2 braces would be at 20inch spaces.

5. Allow the wood glue to dry for 24 hours, then take sand paper and smooth out the corners, seems, and edges.

You’re almost finished! The last step is the canvas. Until next time...Enjoy the process!

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