Tuesday, October 7, 2008

16 Tools You Need to Stretch Your Own Canvas!

Have you ever wondered "How To Stretch Your Own Canvas" ? Well I'm gonna tell ya in the coming weeks! It starts with the right tools and supplies. Take a little time, go to a couple of local art supply stores in your area and do some research online. Check out Blick Art Materials online, they are great for comparison shopping and getting info that you need, as well as a great selection of art supplies, descriptions, and great pricing. I use them a lot. Once you've done some research on the perfect tools for you, start getting the tools together. My recommendation is to get good quality tools and supplies, as you will be using them for the rest of your art career. The quality of your tools will reflect in the quality of your stretched canvases and the quality of your art itself.

All the tools needed to stretch your own canvas: Wood (see Phase 1-Wood), Various Nails (see Phase 1-Nails/Staples), Staple Gun, Staples (see Phase 1-Nails/Staples), Canvas Stretching Pliers, Hammer, Tape Measure, Wood Glue, Canvas (see Phase 1-Canvas), Razor Blade, Scissors, Red Marker, Sand Paper, Flat-Head Screw-Driver, pen and paper.

As I continue this "How To Stretch Your Own Canvas" series, I will go through every step you will need to perfect this process. Stay posted in the weeks to come as I teach you step by step "How To Stretch Your Own Canvas". Enjoy the process!
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